Be Better

***Daily Reminder***

Just to be clear, this post has nothing to do with not being enough. It's about progress. Life is a vector. It's directional. If we're not growing, we're regressing. If we're not living we're dying and change is one of the few constants in life. This is a reminder to try, a reminder to grow. It is not a call to perfection, or even greatness, it's an exhortation to be a better version of yourself, even if it's just by some small measure. Of course there's a time and a place to just be, to enjoy the moment, to rest, to recover, but I believe that to truly be happy and fulfilled requires us to strive to be better. I've chosen this mantra. When my workouts begin to test my limits, I repeat to myself, "be better." When in introspection I encounter my many faults, I repeat to myself, "be better," and as an image of who I could be emerges, I find strength and motivation to push a little harder and hold myself to higher standards.