About me

Erik Hansen - Fitness Expert, Personal Trainer

My ancestral Scandinavian roots are quite well-founded. Bernhoff Hansen, my great grandfather comes from a village called Rognan, in the northern Saltdal region of Norway, and he was the first Norwegian born man to win an Olympic gold medal. As a wrestler, he won the 1904 St. Louis Summer Games, as well as 3 world championships, competing in the heavyweight class. I come from a long line of strong Norwegian men, who worked with their hands, and I continue this tradition of strength, in my passion for teaching health and fitness.

With over 13 years of experience as a personal trainer in NY and LA, I have trained everyone from powerful world wide CEO's, to athletes, to those who's work is their home and family, as well as the highest profile celebrities. Some of my clients include, Bruce Willis, Eva Mendes, Jeremy Piven and Russell Brand.After studying Physics at Wagner College in NYC on an athletic scholarship I entered the fitness industry as a PT. I was a Track and Field athlete competing in Decathlon as well as the 400m and 800m, so it was a natural transition.

Over the years a job I enjoyed became a career of inspiration and destiny. I have been NASM certified as a PT (Personal Trainer) and CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and trained in a wide array of techniques and methods. I am constantly seeking new and innovative education to further my knowledge in the way of personal progress, to be used at the fullest disposal of my clients.